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Several light coats works better than slapping gobs on in one shot. But what ever brand of paint you chose to use…don’t go cheap if you want it to last. I did it in pastels so the rooms are light and airy.” – Marion J. Used a paint with primer and paint in one and it still took two coats, but I think it looks great. I have also painted walls with paint that has a fine sand like texture…being a beach house that would be really neat on at least one wall maybe painted a light sky or ocean water blue. We painted our basement paneling and it looks fabulous! For a project that big I would definitely use Sherwin Williams adhesive primer. Sherwin Williams sells a self leveling paint that is amazing!

Okay, we did a lot of minor updates along the road but, even though we talked about it a lot, we put off knocking out walls until we decided to move overseas. You can mix oil paint (I use dark umber) and mix it with linseed oil to get the wash mixture. “I usually paint it off white and do a very light darker wash over it. “Yes, you can do a white wash…I had hideous paneling in my kitchen, and I bought a huge bucket of drywall compound and slopped it all over the walls. One coat of Kilz, wait the allotted time and then paint with your color of choice. I did this for a store here in South Africa and it turned out great!

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