Radiocarbon dating is used to date

Burning the samples to convert them into graphite, however, also introduces other elements into the sample like nitrogen 14.When the samples have finally been converted into few milligrams of graphite, they are pressed on to a metal disc.Carbon-14 has a half-life of 5,730 ± 40 years—, half the amount of the radioisotope present at any given time will undergo spontaneous disintegration during the succeeding 5,730 years.Because carbon-14 decays at this constant rate, an estimate of the date at which an organism died can be made by measuring the amount of its residual radiocarbon.

These metal discs are then mounted on a target wheel so they can be analyzed in sequence.The carbon-14 method was developed by the American physicist Willard F. It has proved to be a versatile technique of dating fossils and archaeological specimens from 500 to 50,000 years old.The method is widely used by Pleistocene geologists, anthropologists, archaeologists, and investigators in related fields.Radiometric dating methods detect beta particles from the decay of carbon 14 atoms while accelerator mass spectrometers count the number of carbon 14 atoms present in the sample.Both carbon dating methods have advantages and disadvantages.

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