Radiocarbon dating is false

Serial rib fractures occur mainly in people at risk of falling: they are diagnosed chiefly in drunks, sportsmen and mountaineers.

The Iceman, therefore, long before he died, had an accident which crushed the left side of his thorax.” “A totally different picture, however, is presented by further fractures on the right.

His retarded maturational development, on the other hand, should be of immense interest to creationists—many of whom hold to a belief in greater longevity in the recent past.

On September 19, 1991 two German hikers, Helmut and Erika Simon, stumbled upon the remains of a man in the Similaun Glacier near the border between Austria and Italy.

Also recovered from the Oetztaler site was a piece of jewellery or talisman, comprising a polished stone circlet attached to a tassel of string via a hole through the stone’s centre.

(The possible significance of this suggestion will be explored, at length, later in this paper.) Spindler, by way of contrast, suggested (in 1992) that they can signify almost anything, including membership of a particular family, tribe, village or class.

On the other hand, Sjøvold has indicated that traces of trabecular thickening have been observed in the area of the former metaphyseal plate.

Could such a phenomenon be the down-side to a major shift in dietary emphasis in the period following the biblical Flood? look(ed) like one of our well-tanned (European) ancestors”.

It is apparent from a single photograph, taken by the Ice Man’s co-discoverers, Helmut and Erika Simon, that Oetzi was naked when first found. Though badly repaired at many points, the robe had been cleverly whipstitched together with threads of sinew or plant fibre, in what appears to be a mosaic-like pattern, belying the popular image of cavemen in crude skins.” The back of his garment was badly tattered; a by-product of wear generated by his haversack (see below).The preliminary results were released to the press by Professor Klaus Oeggl in December, 1991.Separate radiocarbon datings were produced for the corpse’s skin and bone at the behest of the University of Innsbruck’s Institute of Anatomy.“The fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth ribs on the left show healed fractures, suggesting a one-time multiple trauma.All five ribs have healed well, even though some distortion remains.

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