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The ad was criticized as sexist, disgusting, old-fashioned, and as an insult to single women.As the article noted, Chinese single women are routinely treated disparagingly, as, for example, when they are called “leftover women” if they are not married by their late twenties.But the practice is so relentless, I sometimes feel discouraged.

A notice board put up at the cafeteria entrance states that an “illegal blind-dating group” is “seriously” affecting the eatery’s normal operations with their “uncivilized behavior.” The transgressions include “taking up seats for long hours, bringing outside food and tea, speaking loudly, spitting, and having quarrels and fights,” the notice reads.A group of elderly Shanghainese takes it a step further, with dozens and sometimes hundreds of seniors meeting weekly at the cafe of Ikea’s flagship store in Shanghai.Staying for hours without ordering any food, they’re part of a blind-dating group—and they are cruising for potential spouses (paywall).Tension between busy eateries and lonely seniors is not unique to Ikea or China, of course.A few years ago a Mc Donald’s outlet in the Queens borough of New York City limited customer visits to 20 minutes—and called the police to have some persistent seniors removed.

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The Ikea protest is not the only example, or even the most impressive one, of Chinese single women resisting the singlism that is slung at them.

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