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Although Redis solves the problem, in the long run it may be a bottleneck for performance and reliability.

This example, my aim is to present a working prototype of Akka Clustering on top of Play Frameork 2 and Akka's native pub-sub extension substituting pub-sub of Redis.

How they can't simply have pending decision\approved or declined clearly displayed is beyond me.thought they may of been able to get a financial resolution to move forward without suspension price we pay for gambling on small stocks not mi first nor mi last loss but still mift at a lossall the best Intention to appoint administrators The Directors have concluded that in the circumstances it is in the best interests of stakeholders as a whole that the Company and Subsidiary be placed into administration.

Accordingly, the Directors intend to appoint administrators and expect such appointment to be made shortly, such appointment to be confirmed by a separate announcement at the respective time.

The important dates listed on the planning application just appear to be nonsense, It's unclear as to how far along the application has\had gotten.

Marinating Your Potatoes Cooking Your Potatoes Making the Chat Community Q&A Aloo chat is popular Indian vegetarian dish made with spiced potatoes.

It is sold at roadside stalls in northern India, so is considered a type of Indian “fast food.” It’s a flavorful dish, topped with numerous spices and a medley of chutneys.

If you simly develop for a single instance everyhing is easy, beacuse every actor can see other actors without any extra effort.

My current version of the platform (backend of Hotchat, read below for more info) solves this by using the pub-sub functionality of Redis.

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