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#sad” (Yes, the note included a hashtag.) As it happens, the realtor’s husband is a veteran who lost both legs in combat.

Had the note-writer looked into the car, the adaptive equipment would have been easily seen.

During a recent trip to the grocery store, her husband had used her car and parked in a space reserved for combat veterans.

When he returned, the man found the following note posted on the car: “I sure hope you’re really a veteran and not just an agent wanting a spot closer to the door.

People in my area are not accustomed to foreigners and often stare, point, laugh, and shout things when they see a foreign person.

I’m just going to stay at your place the whole time.” I balked at this, reminding her that my husband and I work full-time and, frankly there isn’t 10 days worth of stuff to do in our area.She talked so much my ears hurt afterwards, and not once did she ask me or my husband anything about ourselves, our lives…anything, really. She talked about all the people our mutual acquaintances had ever had sex with.I became very upset when she told me one of these friends had had an affair with a former teacher of ours, and asked her to stop talking about it; she responded with derisive laughter and half-screamed details of the affair.She insisted that she didn’t care about point 1 and that she was used to point 2 because “the same thing happens where I live!” (It doesn’t.) Naturally, she became frequently and loudly angry about both points over the course of the trip.

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I asked her what she would like to do and offered to write her a little manual to get around and see the sights she was interested in, but she refused to leave the house without me.

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