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On a larger model grid, averaging model values over a grid square will make comparisons more general in nature, but they are useful nonetheless.

The image below shows comparisons between Tidetech 2km resolution English Channel model and tidal elevation predictions produced from analysis of tide gauge data.

At least one month’s worth of observations is required to reproduce the primary constituents at a single location and, in plenty of cases, only a couple of day’s observations have been actually taken.

Observations taken when the meteorological conditions were not calm are also questionable, since wind driven surface currents can distort results.

Tidal currents from Tidetech’s 2km English Channel model validated against predictions obtained from UKHO tidal diamonds.

Models include Mercator (NEMO) model run by the My Ocean consortium, and HYCOM run by the US Naval Research Laboratory, FOAM run by the UK Met Office and GSLA run by Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Information and examples of the validation work we perform on our own tidal models is shown below.

Model output is validated using available observations, with the preferred method being validation against tidal currents obtained from current meters.

Below is an example of validation of Tidetech’s high resolution model for San Francisco Bay.

With the addition of satellites after November 2013, the bias appears to show less variability, indicating the value of having more satellites in the sky to reduce variability in the altimeter signal.

Sudre, J & Morrow, RA (2008) Global surface currents: a high-resolution product for investigating ocean dynamics. Models include GFS – Global Forecast System (US National Centre for Environmental Prediction), ECMWF (European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting) and CMC (Canadian Meteorological Centre).

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