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Even giant squids don't go down into the really deep sea; hardly anything does. Joel's been rooting around down here for years, and he's never seen any real monsters."Hydrothermal vents bubble and boil along spreading zones in all of the world's oceans," the program chatters, "feeding crowds of giant clams and tubeworms over three meters long." Stock footage of a vent community.

"And yet, even at the spreading zones, it is only the filter-feeders and muckrakers that become giants.

As you may know, similar projects are underway at spreading zones all the way from the Galapagos to the Aleutians.

When these go online, people will actually be living full-time here on the rift"Joel can't believe it.

The Grid Authority has laid these out in the course of constructing one of the new geothermal stations we've been hearing so much about.We don't know how it creates its strange and fascinating giants." The program's visual display goes dark."We only know that here, on the shoulder of the Axial Volcano, we have finally tracked the monsters to their lair.""This concludes our introduction.These people aren't down here because the abyss is impressive, they're here because it costs so much. Even that seems excessive; climate control and indive entertainment take up a good half of the panel.Bored, he picks one of the headset feeds at random and taps in, sending the signal to a window on his main display.

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