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When Dodge makes an uninterested response, Linda looks at him in disgust and flees the vehicle without a word.

While everyone around him reacts differently to the news, from suicide to constant drugs and guilt-free sex, Dodge's life does not change at all.

Dodge and Penny abandon the self-centered Owen amid the rioters, with Dodge explaining to Penny that he knows someone who could fly her to England if she helps him find Olivia.

She has just broken up with her boyfriend, Owen, (Adam Brody) for making her miss her last opportunity to see her family in England.

Dodge distracts her by asking her to tell him of her childhood.

They feel and hear a deep booming sound, and Penny tells Dodge she wishes that they had known each other sooner.

Having recently moved from New York to Los Angeles, the attacks left her feeling "stranded" and so she ended up getting in contact with old friends.

Later, she commented that she "found it interesting that this cataclysmic event would have such an effect on my own human behavior and relationships." The story, specifically that of an "unexpected romance blossoming between two strangers while on an impromptu road trip," shares simiarities to that of her previous screenplay, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, The film received mixed reviews from critics, with many praising the cast, particularly Knightley and Carell.

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Penny and Dodge drive to Olivia's home, where Dodge leaves a letter to Olivia and expresses his feelings for Penny.

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