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So, if you are a person who doesn't like change when it comes to your staple productivity applications, stick with the “boxed” versions.Just keep in mind that they've done away with all the discs.The “boxed” versions still mean you have to download the software from the internet. Students get all the perks of the Office 365 Home Premium package, but only pay .99 for two PCs/Macs for a four-year subscription.Just note, that this is only for “higher education students, faculty and staff.” So, parents with seniors in high school, wait until your child has a valid student ID before purchasing a subscription. is an accomplished instructor who has taught over 4,000 students at the high school, college, and adult levels.If you haven't been following Microsoft in the last year or two and want the latest version of Microsoft's productivity applications (most namely Word, Excel and Power Point), expect to encounter a lot of new names and to be confused. If someone were to ask me the exact same question, the above answer just does not suffice.I don't know about you, but I have had a really hard time keeping up with Microsoft this past year. I have had a hard time keeping up with Microsoft of things. So, as of right now, Microsoft' own Office 365 FAQ answer is wrong; it's not a lie, but it's not exactly the truth either.

In other words, you will not be able to make changes, save or create new documents through your desktop apps; however, you could always use the free Office Web Apps (aka Sky Drive) to edit (but only those features that are available with the free Office Web Apps-and that's another blog for another time).

And since January 28, 2013, it is even more confusing.

Office 365 is an online subscription service that provides email, shared calendars, the ability to create and edit documents online, instant messaging, web conferencing, a public website for your business, and internal team sites-all accessible anywhere from nearly any device.

The products included will vary depending on the Office 365 package.

The subscription aspect is nothing new, as Office 365 has always been a subscription service.

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