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no.] 625 Angie 625 Rachel, clip only 628 Cathy, Hilary South [a 1980s favourite who returned in the 1990s but the dvd is no longer available and I don't know what the video ref. was] 631 Cathy, Hilary South [a 1980s favourite but the dvd is no longer available and I don't know what the video ref. was] 634 Michelle [now unavailable, don't know video ref.

Eroti is yet another great forum where you can see some good porn content, in the form of videos and images.

p=...postcount=1934 A218 248 Keera, Erika Winstanley Solo: p=...postcount=2450 A268 318 Katerina, Roxanne Kedge X10 202 Ruth, Donna Warner X38 219 Miranda X48 224 Keera X75 412 Molly, Molly X77 413 Julietta

p=...&postcount=395 X79 414 Erica 2, Christelle X81 415 Pamela, Davina X83 416 Jane, Alexis Tyler X87 418 Emma 621 Susie [1980s, now unavailable, don't know video ref.

I should point out that the part of Sooty featured could be his cock but might just as easily be his hand.

[spanking] (For information about stuff that is only solo or lesbian, talk to someone else please.) Video, DVD, FC Title, Name, Link VA 800 Trisha p=...postcount=2010 VC2 632 Yolanda VC2 803 Denise p=...&postcount=798 VC5 798 Carol, clip only: VC5 1158 Tansy VC7 796 Melanie p=...&postcount=690 V318 999 Joanne V319 999 Veda V322 503 Anna V323 1029 Myriam p=...postcount=1939 V342 1039 Joanne 2 V347 1049 Clarissa V349 1058 Fay V350 1058 Shona V351 1059 Franscesca

From the Mommy Matters blog, an update on Karin: profile Karin Katherine "I'm a proud Christian homeschooling mother of 4 and wife to a Road Warrior CEO.

The latter website descriptions tend to be more detailed in that 'cock' references will appear there where they don't in the former website.

I feel I should also point out that there are more than just 9 XGirls who encountered Sooty's Sword; 4 XGirls appear in CSB5, another in CSB7 and about another two in CSBs that I didn't note at the time.

On the subject of soon to be 'VEF-correct' in this thread, you can also number about 15 girls between A100 and A200 [around 1998] who I have [mostly] CSB evidence of Unlce Fiona interventions, none of which are revealed in any descriptions.

p=...&postcount=289 V835 717 Michelle 2, Lisa James [check with riccaardo] V837 716 Felicity 2, Lisa Thoy

p=...&postcount=361 V864 768 Joyce, Sarah V871 773 Glenda [check with riccaardo] V875 775 Britt, Karina [2] V876 778 Vicky 2, Lorraine Ansell, 2 parts p=...2&postcount=62 V879 779 Ashleigh, Kirsten V882 783 Marcia V883 841 Tansy V898 848 Kym, Kym A22 54 Alana A23 55 Farah A29 56 Fay Solo: Re-united A31 57 Kaye, Michelle Wright, Solo:

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p=...&postcount=596 V564 891 Sophia V565 892 Drew, Natascha Roberts V565 893 Drew, Natascha Roberts V566 894 Alexis V569 897 Roberta V569 898 Roberta [possibly with ricaardo] V573 902 Keehli Suhtala V587 852 Elaine 2 [decribed in post as V504 but I think this may be V587] V588 905 Gillian V596 405 Antonella, Toni [5] V596 908 Antonella, Toni [5] V625 913 Candy V626 408 Evelyn V630 408 Nina, Nicky Berry V652 550 Robyn 2 Solo:

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