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For example, in 2002 U-M enrolled 1,827 non-resident freshmen, 801 fewer out-of-state students than this year.

Also in 2002 overall freshmen enrollment levels were at 5,187 — 984 students fewer than this year.

The number of out-of-state students at University of Michigan's Ann Arbor campus has risen over the past decade.

Out-of-state and international students now comprise 42.6 percent of this fall's freshman class, outpacing non-resident enrollment levels of recent history.

Roughly 32,500 non-residents applied to the Ann Arbor school, versus nearly 9,800 residents, according to Spencer.

Of the enrollment difference between those two years, roughly 81 percent is comprised of non-resident students.

Although the recent increase in non-resident enrollment was deliberate, Spencer — who has sat on a university task force titled "Marketing U-M to Non-resident Undergraduate Applicants" — was mum on whether the uptick would continue.

"The focus on recruiting out-of-state students has reached its tipping point and it's at the detriment of our qualified in-state students," he said.

Enrollment, however, can be difficult to gauge ahead of time.

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In fall 2000, out-of-state first-year enrollment was 41.6 percent (the second-highest non-resident rate in recent history).

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